Q: Can I submit my head shot and resume for consideration for parts in your films?

We do not cast films, so we do not accept head shots and resumes.

Q: Can I send you my script or finished movie for review?

We do not accept unsolicited materials of any kind.

Q: Would you consider distributing my finished product?

We do not accept unsolicited materials of any kind.

Q: Can I purchase your movies on your website?

At this time, you can purchase bulk copies on our website. For single copy purchases, please purchase from your preferred Christian films retailer.

Q: Where can I purchase a digital copy of your films?

Not all of our films are sold digitally.  Check the official movie website for each film, under the “Buy” tab for links to purchase the film digitally.

Q: How do event licenses work?

When you purchase a license to show one of our films at your church or organization, you will be able to show the film as many times as you’d like for one year.   Unlimited showings in your specific location for one year.

Q: How do I purchase a license to show your movie if I live in another country?

Please visit the link below to contact our international distributors directly. http://providentfilms.com/movieevents_international

Q: How can I find out which languages are included on each of your films?

For US versions of our films, please visit each film’s page on our website. For international versions of our films, please contact our distributors for a complete list of languages available.

Q: Do you offer discounted exhibition licenses for Chaplains?

Yes. Please email us at [email protected] to learn more.