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Beware of Christians
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Beware of Christians

A film from Riot Studios, Beware of Christians chronicles the wild ride of four college guys asking themselves what it really looks like to follow Jesus. Laugh, cry, and think as the guys travel and examine the cultures of Europe, the Bible, and within themselves.

Download the Helpful Guide: How to Plan a Movie Event

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Beware of Christians Movie Event kits include your site license and the Beware of Christians Movie Event DVD.

Here are ways you can utilize Beware of Christians:

Church Event ... let the movie touch the lives of people in your church and your community. A Movie Event is great for the entire church, or for a Sunday School event.

College Ministries ... use a Movie Event to encourage the college students in your life.

Schools ... host a Movie Event for parents or students.

While you cannot charge for tickets, you can take an offering and make your Beware of Christians Movie Event a fundraising event!

Licenses are based on a church's average weekend attendance (not on the possible size of the viewing audience). All other organizations are covered by the Standard license fee.

International Movie Event Licenses


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